Game 23

Terry Turner 13th Sacrifice Hit of Season

Terry “Cotton Top” Turner is one of the all-time great Indians whose legend is being lost to the fog of history.

In 1914, Turner led the league in sacrifice hits. This skill made him an indispensable part of the early Indians / Naps teams along with Shoeless Joe Jackson and Lajoie himself. Terry Turner was also a fearless baserunner who pioneered the use of the head-first slide, because traditional feet-first sliding aggravated his achy ankles.

On this early-season Tuesday against the Athletics, Turner went on a tear with three hits, two runs scored, and a walk in five plate appearances. He notched his sixth stolen base of the season, and his sacrifice hit was his 13th of the season. For comparison, in 2018 Julio Tehran and Delino DeShields led the MLB in sacrifice hits with 12.

Turner’s solid day, along with four hits by Shoeless Joe helped propel the Naps to a 12-4 victory in Shibe Park.

Terry Turner had a 15-year career with the Indians playing shortstop and third base. He is still the team leader in putouts with 4,603. His career mark of 254 stolen bases as an Indian stood for seventy-seven years until it was broken by Kenny Lofton in 1996.

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